Blogger outreach (Relationships with Bloggers) is important marketing strategy in post penguin era for search marketers. Managing online influencer outreach efforts is not an easy task. The process involved is identifying influential people  and connecting and making long term mutually beneficial relations. Blogger outreach help in publishing your content in your industry blogs which improve your presence, visibility and branding. The following are basic fundamental of blogger outreach.

  1. Keep your blogger reach limited to your industry or niche. Do not run after the big bloggers just stick to your niche.

  2. Do proper research about the blogger via about page, twitter, Facebook and Google +. You may find a blogger from your city or niche

  3. Scaling blogger outreach is quite tough therefore concentrate more on building relationship which is time consuming.

  4. Aim should be to create long term personal relationship with blog publisher or owners and content creators.

  5. Try to create a mutually beneficial relationships which will long last.

  6. Be regular in touch with blog publisher or owners by publishing content. It will strengthen your blogger outreach.

We know blogger outreach is a time consuming and a long term process which you may not like to do. If so better outsource to blogger outreach company.