Blog owners face considerable challenges when it comes to generating income. It is important that they can produce quality content to generate the requisite levels of traffic. With so many factors to take into account, owners may not always have time to do this, and will need to use guest bloggers to cover their content requirements. With a guest blogger hired, how would their performance be evaluated?

At the risk of stating the obvious, a bare minimum requirement for a guest blogger is that they are able to write. Beyond that, have they managed to capture the style and tone of the blog? A good guest blogger will have looked back over what has previously been posted and take stock of what is there. Established blogs will have an audience who have become accustomed to specific content and a certain style, and a successful guest blogger will meet those expectations accordingly.

There are other considerations to take into account. A blog has a purpose, the achievement of which is the job of the guest blogger. To get there, they need to ensure they know exactly what is required of them. How is it delivered, does it need formatting, what kind of document should it be?
A big part of evaluating a guest blogger lies in how easy they are to work with. For example when they have completed a post, there is the small matter of delivering what they have promised on time.

Additionally a guest blogger should not cause any additional work for the manager of a blog either. Sending an image with a post may make it look nicer, but if you do not own the rights to it you may be causing the manager headaches from a legal point of view, not to mention financially.
A handy way to measure the success of a guest blogger is by looking at the time a visitor spends on the page. Anything from five minutes or over would most likely indicate that the blogger has done a good job in captivating the reader, holding their attention for long enough to make their visit to the page more than just a fleeting one.

A post with a good headline that offers early promise will stand a good chance of hooking the reader. Whether the rest of the post delivers on that early promise will often determine whether the visitor returns, subscribes, clicks on a link or does whatever the purpose of the blog may be. More visitors should mean more conversions, and if the conversion rates of the website increase thanks to the blog then you can assume that the guest blogger has done a good job.

One of the main ways that a guest blogger can impress actually lies after submitting the post. Knowing how to engage with readers who comment on their posts, as well as promoting it in the right places on social media platforms to increase its visibility can be of great benefit to the blog as a whole.