Various Penguin updates are constantly making rise in blogging industry.  Good quality, unique and fresh content are key to success for driving traffic and search engine ranking. Blog writing is more important in these days compared to previous few years. From last few months we have been doing a lot of guest posting for our different clients. For doing the guest  posts we have to write on different topics for the blogs. So over a period of time I have written for many different clients, various genres, themes, topics, areas, country and so on. While doing so I came across some points which are same for everyone.What I mean to say is that these are those points which every client of ours, each blogger we contacted or wrote for want us to keep in mind while writing for their blogs or writing on their behalf. So via this post I want to share my findings with you all and maybe it will make it a little bit easier for you to write when you do it for someone:-

1. First and foremost what I found was that everyone be it the client or any blogger want the blog posts to be written in simple understandable language and not some out of world high above the head language. Simplicity Is the Key to Effective Blog Post Writing

2. Bloggers or Blog publishers want that the content for the blog should be written in normal day to day way of speaking, It should not be too bookish. This does not mean that the grammar and punctuations should not be there; it just means that it should be easy on mind and one should not run have to run to a dictionary to understand what is written.

 3. Another very interesting point which came to fore front was use of British English and American English. The difference is little but a lot like for example in British English more use of “s” in place of “z”; in British English recognise is with “s” whereas in American English it is recognize with “z”. Another word is fulfil with single “l’ in British English and fulfill with “ll” in American English. So you see the difference are little but mean a lot when we are writing for specific country people.When you do a comparative study between British and American English there a number of aspects which pop up and these matter when you are writing for blogs.

4. Whatever the topic. Niche or theme for blog post is there every blog owner wants that it should appear as natural as possible, it should not be just keyword stuffed. The content should not be in your face with over content optimisation.

5.  Now this is an interesting point which many of our experienced writers may not agree to. I think that the starting of the blog post should be interesting and eye catching so that it gets us the reader attention and there after the ending should be good as that is what leaves an everlasting impression on the reader. So does this mean that the body of the content is not important? Well no it is important but a little less than opening and closing paragraphs.

 6. Every reader likes that whatever is been written reaches a logical conclusion or has a proper ending and not just left there. So all contents should have closing lines whereby some closure is given to the reader.

7. One most important part is presentation of content. The blog post should be properly formatted with proper use of paragraph breaks, heading, sub heading etc. What look goods and is pleasing to eye is easy and more appealing to read. So proper attention to detailing and presentation needs to made.

Well as for now I can think only of these points to share but I am always on look out so if I find more I will continue with this in my part two of blog post. If you can think of some interesting points please do leave your comments and I will surly add them in my future post. Till then happy reading and blogging!

I invite readers of my blog to share their opinion, advice and  tips on writing a great blog content