Blogging is used for content marketing to increase the exposure on various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Guest blogging has undergone many changes after Google has released its updates from time to time. It is one of the best ways to improve the rankings of your website on these search engines.
However, it you are planning to implement blogger outreach and do guest blogging on a regular basis, you should be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of these areas. It will increase your productivity and help you get better results.

Do’s of effective blogger outreach and guest blogging

Address the blogger with name
It is highly recommended to send an email to blogger by writing his name such as ‘Dear Joseph’. This way, he will feel the personal touch while you are asking him the permission to post the content on his blog. By doing so, you will show him the courtesy to request him for the space on this portal. You should not write ‘Dear blogger’ or his blog name as your email might be put in the spam folder. In order to prevent this scenario, you should write his name in the beginning of the email.

Check the niche of blog
One of the common mistakes made by the people is sending irrelevant content to the bloggers. It is strongly recommended to check niche of the blog such as technology, health, business, finance and others. Depending on this information, you should write the content and send to the blogger. He will review the article and the link of your site, which you want to promote through his blog. If they meet the criteria, he will post the content on the site.

Don’ts of effective blogger outreach and guest blogging

Don’t pitch for press release
It has been observed that many writers keep sending the press releases to be published on the blogs. It is a wrong approach in many ways. A press release is not intended for a blog and should be posted on press release sites. You will not be able to build relationship with your audience by posting press release through blog.

Don’t ask for speedy posting
It is not a good idea to send him mails time and time again. You should send the content and wait for a few days to get an email from the blogger. If you keep sending him reminders, it will leave bad impression on them and you will not be able to get timely reply. However, you can send him a reminder in a gentle manner after three four days. Meanwhile, if the content and the link are approved, your post will be live within one day.
If you want to enhance your skills for blogging, you should spend more time on the internet to find high quality sites. You must draft impressive and professional email to bloggers so that you build relationships with them rather than sounding as a typical writer looking for blogs.