These days as we all are aware a lot of people are doing guest blogging or doing some or other kind of blogging or getting someone to do blog posting service for them. While doing this the usual things which everyone is concerned of is that the blog should have a good Domain Authority or maybe a good Page Rank. They should be regularly indexed in search engines or they should have good decent backlinks. Well this is the usual stuff which everyone is concerned about and looking for. But there are many other factors other than the usual search engine factors which matter a lot while making any kind of blog posts. These are those factors which attract a normal reader or consumer to your blog posts. While reading and going through different blogs these factors made a lot of impact on my mind so I thought of sharing that with everyone.
So what are these factors which one should keep in mind while doing any kind of postings on a web blog:-

1. The first and fore most is the Title. The title should be small, attractive along with giving the main essence about the post which is going to follow.

2. The Title should be written and posted in proper manner. Now what is the proper manner and how do we distinguish which is a good blog and which is not. Here are some examples of what I saw on the internet while reading the blogs
Sample one:-

“Tips And methods of Guest blog Postings”
Now this seemed to me that the person making the post was either in a hurry or did not bother what he was posting so this makes a blog look bad to me. I will not return back here.
Sample two:


I have seen the above samples also on many blogs. It somehow does not appeal to me. Maybe it looks to me as if someone is shouting on me. Yes in some sites it does look good but I still think it would be better if it can be used less.

So now the question comes which is the best method to post a title. I like the following format:-

“Tips And Methods of Guest Blog Postings”

Why do I like this well it is because it is prim , proper and stressing in the right characters.

3. Proper formatting of content should be done. It should have proper paragraphs, headings, sub heading. Blog content should be properly punctuated.

4. A blog needs to have images in its content. Too much content with no good images is an eye sore. But while putting images ones needs to be sure to use the right kind of post related images which are well edited and of proper size.

5. Well this point I just noticed and also I think it is important to keep this factor in mind while making a blog post. We should always link to important website or important websites related with the theme of the blog post. This really makes a lot of difference to the person who is reading the post and this also helps in making the post more effective.

6. Make sure to bold the main keywords or brand if that are the point of talk in a web log.

7. When quoting a person make sure to use inverted comas . Make sure to write the name od the person in bold whose quote or words are been quoted.

8. Make sure to use H1 and H2 tags in your heading and in some important sub headings as well.

9. Make sure to underline important keywords, points of references etc..

10. Do not post all of the content on the homepage of blog. Make sure to use the“More” tag.

Well these are some of the important factors which I think are very important while making any kind of blog post . If you have any more ideas, suggestions for making a blog post more effective do leave your comments.